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This link page contains resources that I have found useful for X-Plane.  If you would like to have your page listed, would like me to remove the listing, would like me to include a banner, or would like me to correct a URL, pleaes email me.


Some web sites belong under multiple categories due to all the content they offer; I recommend checking them out in detail.


The X-Plane FAQ

Andy Goldstein maintains the X-Plane FAQ, a wonderful collection of information about X-Plane.  X-Plane has a ton of features, tricks, tips, and the manual doesn't even scratch the surface.  Andy's site is a great start for answering general X-Plane questions.

Version 2 Object Format

Michel Verheughe has documented the X-Plane version 2.0 object format. The 2.0 object format was introduced during X-Plane 6.x to improve graphics performance.  If you are developing new objects and need to do work on the object itself (rather than using object creation or conversion tools), check this reference out.

Roy Coates has done a ton of work with X-Plane's UDP format.  He also developed X-Panel, an application for running X-Plane's instruments on a remote computer.  Roy's page contains the most complete UDP documentation I know of.

Utilities and Programs

ObjectMaker (and friends)

Chrisrtian Franz's object maker is the best object editor for X-Plane.  (Warning: it is Macintosh only!!)  He also has other utilities to convert Objects from 5.x to 6.x and work with textures.  If you are working on objects, Christian's programs and documentation are a must.  Christian's programmers are powerrful, easy to use and well documented.

The Goodway Flight Planner

Stephane Maurel's Goodway Flight Planner is a Java application (for Mac and Windows) that creates and edits flight plans in an intuitive, feature-rich manner.

envTools - Scenery Converter

Johannes Majer's scenery converter is a series of command line tools for Mac OS X (with source, so they could be run in any Unix environment) for manipulating the 6.x scenery format and converting the 5.x scenery format to 6.x.  Besides the obvious scenery conversion application, Johannes tools can be used to easily copy objects from one scenery file to another.  They can be tricky to use (since there is no graphical user interface) but are very powerful and save the serious scenery designer a ton of time!

Scenery and Objects

GLOS (GLObal Scenery project)

The Global Scenery Project maintains and participates in the creation of the world-wide default scenery for X-Plane 6.x.  You can download the entire world's scenery here for free, as well as patchers to upgrade scenery if you bought 6.10 scenery on CD.

These guys have Flash on their site that makes my stuff look like it was done with Netscape Communicator!  (Wait, I do use...)  Check out the previews for the Munich scenery; the airport looks fantasic!  There are also airplanes and other models here.


X-Plane Freeware Project

The X-Plane freeware project publishes a number of free aircraft, scenery packages, and other X-Plane content for X-Plane 5.x and 6.x.  Their content is very high quality.  My current favorite is the 737-700 for X-Plane 6.x, which flies just beautifully, although the new DC-10-30 and B767-300 look great too.

Way2Slow's X-Plane Site

Way2Slow does some of the best panels I've seen.  Not much more I can say, you just have to look at them!

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