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"DragInstruments" Plugin

DragInstruments is a plugin for X-Plane that allows you to realign the moving parts of a custom panel (needles, switches, radio frequencies, and anything else that animates) inside X-Plane.

DragInstruments is meant as a tool for custom panel creators.  It allows you to quickly realign the moving parts of your panel to match the custom panel bitmap for seamless animation.

Downloading and Installing "DragInstruments"

Installing DragInstruments is a simple 3-step process.  IMPORTANT: DragInstruments requires X-Plane 6.70 or 7.xx to run.

Step 1: Download DragInstruments.  There is a separate plugin for Macintosh and Windows.
Step 2: Decompress the Zip or StuffIt Archive.  You will end up with a single .xpl file.  This is the DragInstruments Plugin.

Step 3: Move the .xpl file into your plugins folder (it is in the resources folder of your X-System folder.)

You have now installed DragInstruments and are ready to use it.

Using DragInstruments

To use DragInstruments,  start X-Plane.  If DragInstruments is correctly installed, your Plugins Menu will have a new menu item callde "DragInstruments".  This menu item will open a new menu witih a show/hide option.  Pick this item to change instruments.

Screenshot of draginst plugin
In the screenshot above, instruments are shown; they appear as white crosses.   The lower nav radios have been moved toward each other to demonstrate the moving parts moving separately from the background.  The instrument under the mouse is hilighted in yellow and the amount you have moved it (in pixels) is shown in the upper left corner of the screen.  (This starts as 0.)

To move an instrument, press the arrow keys while the mouse is over the instrument.  It will move by one pixel.  (Hold down the shift keys to move the instrument 10 pixels.)

You may click your instruments while you are using DragInstruments; this allows you to see whether a switch animates correctly.  The arrow keys are overridden; to scroll the panel, hide DragInstruments, scroll the panel, then show it again.

When you are done aligning all of your instruments, write down the changes you have made and apply them once in PlaneMaker.  DragInstruments cannot edit the actual ACF file for you.

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