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ObjEdit - X-Plane Object Finishing Application

There are many 3-d editors available, both free, inexpensive, and professional. But like most production-quality games, X-Plane has unique requirements for its 3-d objects, and its own proprietary object format (OBJ7) designed around its internal rendering requirements.

ObjEdit helps fill the gap between 3-d editors and X-Plane by serving as a "finishing editor" - a program designed to let you retouch your X-Plane objects. ObjEdit lets you texture otherwise untextured objects.

WARNING:ObjEdit is a work in progress and still has many features unimplemented. You may want to consider AC3D with the X-Plane plugin as a more complete way to texture 3-d objects.

Download and Instructions

You can download ObjEdit beta 3 from these links: View the ObjEdit Manual online.

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