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Getting Help

Many plugin authors are on the X-Plane-Dev yahoo groups mailing list. You can join by sending mail to <email></email>or visiting Most announcements about the plugin SDK are posted to this list. The dev list can be a good way to get help with common problems.

If you have questions you can also contact the SDK authors at <email></email>. Please bear in mind that we do not provide tech support for the SDK - we'll try to help if we can.

Reporting Bugs

File bug reports on the SDK here:

  • Do not file bugs against X-Plane itself...this is only for plugin system bugs!
  • Be sure that what you are filing is a bug. Be familiar with the TechNotes, which often describe some of the more subtle features of the SDK.
  • Include steps to reproduce, what is expected to happen and what does happen.

Feature Requests

To submit a feature request, please file a bug in the X-Plane SDK bug base: and set the bug's severity to "feature".