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We have migrated from phpwiki to mediaWiki as the underlying engine for the X-Plane SDK wiki/website. This page contains more information.

Please help! You can contribute by helping to fix formatting errors from the imported old pages.


The main reason why we switched from phpwiki to mediaWiki was spam.  The old wiki was receiving a fair number of automated script-based attacks, and the version of phpwiki we were using did not have adequate tools for user authentication, spam-blocking, and reverting graffiti.  MediaWiki provides these tools.

Besides the basic motivation of stopping wiki-spam, mediaWiki also provides some other features we needed:

  • Better image support.
  • Rich-text editing of wiki pages.
  • A clean extension mechanism, to make it easier to upgrade the wiki while having custom hooks for showing the default plugin documentation.

You Need a New Account

If you had an account with the X-Plane SDK wiki website, you will need to sign up again; if you were watching any pages, you will need to re-establish those watches. We apologize for the inconvenience.  Unfortunately the user database for the old Wiki had become so overrun with fake logins that it's probably for the best that we purge it and start over.

You will need a new account if you want to:

  • Register your plugin's prefixes for commands, datarefs, and signatures.
  • Edit or correct any of the documentation.

You do not need an account to read the documentation; all documentation is publicly available without a sign-up.

Help Fixing Pages

All pages from the old Wiki engine were imported into mediaWiki. However, they still feature phpwiki-style formatting.  The pages need to be edited to be cleaned.  Please help!  If everyone in the X-Plane community fixes just one web page, the entire job will be done.

What Pages Need Correcting

All pages that need correcting or review are in Category:Conversion Needs Review. Simply pick a page and begin work.

What Needs To Be Fixed

Here is a general list of things to look for:

Dead Links

The link syntax for mediaWiki and phpwiki are different. phpwiki would automatically make any WikiWord into a link, so many links are simply not marked. The syntax of brackets is different between the two.

  • phpwiki uses single brackets to exclude a WikiWord as a link. MediaWiki shows the brackets.
  • phpwiki uses single brackets on a non-WikiWord to make a link. MediaWiki requires double-brackets.
  • phpwiki uses double brackets to "escape" a single bracket; MediaWiki uses double-brackets for internal links.
phpwiki mediaWiki Notes
Internal links need double-brackets.
[Name | Page]
Renamed link order is reversed
Linking WikiWords is not automatic.
No need to use ! to un-link WikiWords.
[Name | url]
[URL name]
Renamed URLs do not need a pipe.
URLs are automatically links.

Formatting Problems

A few of the formatting conventions vary between Wikis. For example, ! marks a heading in phpwiki, while = marks a heading in MediaWiki. The easiest way to fix formatting may be to enable rich text editing and simply redo the formatting.


Be sure to add the document to the appropriate category. The category structure should mirror the "parent" pages from the old wiki.

When You Are Done

Each imported page has a template tag{{unreviewed_sdk_import}} that puts up the warning that the page was imported. This tag also adds it to the category "Conversion Needs Review". Simply delete the template tag when done.