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XPLM_API XPLMMenuID           XPLMCreateMenu(
                                   const char *         inName,    
                                   XPLMMenuID           inParentMenu,    
                                   int                  inParentItem,    
                                   XPLMMenuHandler_f    inHandler,    
                                   void *               inMenuRef);    

This function creates a new menu and returns its ID. It returns NULL if the menu cannot be created. Pass in a parent menu ID and an item index to create a submenu, or NULL for the parent menu to put the menu in the menu bar. The menu's name is only used if the menu is in the menubar. You also pass a handler function and a menu reference value. Pass NULL for the handler if you do not need callbacks from the menu (for example, if it only contains submenus).

Important: you must pass a valid, non-empty menu title even if the menu is a submenu where the title is not visible.

IMPORTANT: you must pass in a valid menu title even for sub-menus, where the title is not visible. Do not pass the empty string.