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This page will contain all documents pertaining to future SDK development.

  • Beta - the SDK is not in beta testing right now.
  • 64 Bit - notes on the 64-bit transition.
  • FeatureRequests - jot down your SDK feature requests on this page.
  • MachoPluginImplementation - about how Mach-O plugins are supported in a CFM application (Mac OS X).
  • EvolutionPlan - some notes on how to evolve the SDK API.
  • Unicode - how to deal with unicode...
  • WhatsGoingAway - a list of SDK 1.0 API symbols that may not be supported in the future.
  • PersistentEnums - introduction to a design pattern for persistent enums. Not strictly plugin related but used in the implementation of a number of internal x-plane and scenery sytems...perhaps it will be of interest to plugin authors.
  • WikiToDo - things Ben should do if he gets off his rear...

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