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The plugin library contains sample code, support for other languages, useful plugins, etc.

Examples Code and Compiler Support

Sample Code - This page has all the examples for download.

These examples contain simple and advanced plugins illustrating the various aspects of the APIs.

  • Code is in C or C++.
  • Projects for X-Code 3.2 or 4.x, MS Visual Studio 2010, and GCC 4.x on Linux.
  • Each sample plugin contains source code on the page and links to download the source and makefile/project for multiple operating systems.

For some projects, you may have to copy the resulting plugin .xpl files into a fat plugin and rename them to run them.

Code Snippets and Libraries

  • Code Snippets - Here you will find small pieces of code that may be useful. Post your own too!


Misc. SDK-Related stuff

SDKRawData - This page contains info on the SDK Raw Data Format

How to Contribute

If you have write-access to the wiki, you can upload your own samples; simply create a new page, copying the tags used in HelloWorld; the tags automatically generate the makefiles for you. You only need to provide the C++ code.


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