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LuaJIT 2.0 is a just-in-time compiler for the Lua scripting language; it is the preferred way to embed Lua in a plugin. This technote describes the integration issues between X-Plane 10.20b3 OS X/64-bit and LuaJIT. These problems are specific to OS X and 64-bit; 32-bit plugins and Windows/Linux 64-bit plugins are not affected.

LuaJIT 2.0 and Address Space

LuaJIT 2.0 requires that all allocations used by JIT code be in the bottom 2 GB of address space. (This requirement comes from the use of signed 32-bit relative addressing for constants in the generated code.) To meet this requirement, LuaJIT has two modifications from a 'standard' Lua run-time:

  • The built-in Lua allocator attempts to grab memory from the lower 2 GB of address space using various OS-specific techniques. The allocator is a copy of dl-malloc sitting on top of this custom bottom-2-gb scheme.
  • lua_newstate is inoperative in the 64-bit version of LuaJIT 2.0. This stops client code from providing a custom allocator that ignores the < 2 GB rule (which would cause JIT-code crashes).

LuaJIT 2.0 and X-Plane

LuaJIT 2.0 requires that Mac OS X 64-bit apps have their base addresses customized, as the default OS X memory map sets the entire bottom 4 GB of address space to zero page. X-Plane 10.20 beta 3 and later fix this, providing at least 1.3 GB of address space to LuaJIT 2.0 (of the 1.8 GB maximum the custom LuaJIT allocator could use).

The problem: during normal operation, OS X's system allocator and OpenGL stack will use free memory in the bottom 2 GB, potentially exhausting it under high scenery engine load. Plugins utilizing Lua that are loaded late (e.g. in an airplane load) or need more memory mid-run may fail allocation since this critical "bottom 2 GB" of address space is taken.

Temporary Development During 10.20 Betas

If you are working on porting a LuaJIT-based plugin to 64-bits during the 10.20 beta, test under low memory use conditions. To do this:

  • Run in an all-water area; don't load scenery.
  • Turn texture resolution way down.
  • Don't move the plane between locations a lot without restarting.

These techniques should help minimize pressure on Lua memory.

A Real Solution

Laminar Research is working on a 'real' solution, e.g. one that reserves the bottom 2 GB of address space for LuaJIT even while the scenery engine is running. Contact ben at x-plane dot com for more information. This tech note will be updated with the recommended practice once it is finalized.