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A list of other web pages related to plugins and other people's plugins.  Please add your own!

  1. http://www.xpluginsdk.org/ This is Sandy Barbour's Plugin Development page. Contains his own plugins and is the home of his Python Interface plugin.
  2. http://www.sandybarbour.btinternet.co.uk This is Sandy Barbour's page. His page contains plugins and information as well as some other very cool stuff.
  3. http://www.DSpotts.com David is working on modeling for X-Plane. He has modeling tools and java object converters, as well as plugins to display the new modeling formats he is working on.
  4. http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xsb/ XSquawkBox allows X-Plane users to connect to the VATSIM and IVAO networks and enjoy real live simulated air traffic control in a world-wide multiplayer environment.
  5. http://www.RogerThat.ca "Roger That" is owned by Blue Side Up Bob and has a little bit of everything X-Plane, including plugins.
  6. http://webspace.fastpasses.com/~2656/plugins/cax/ Keith writes plugins for California Airlines (an X-Plane based virtual airline) and makes them publically-available to the X-Plane community.
  7. http://x-plane.benedikt-stratmann.de x737 is a plugin and aircraft project overriding X-Plane's autopilot totally, simulating a full Boeing 737NG autopilot. OpenGL and XPLM are used to draw a realistic glass cockpit. Freeware.
  8. http://www.cabinevirtual.com.br A brazilian´s team project for build a plugin module for Cessna 172 cockpit.
  9. https://github.com/kdienes/x-plane-netfdm.git A plugin to implement the netfdm protocol, used by JSBsim and by FlightGear, available under MIT license.