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| Torsten Liesk / Peter's Aircraft / QPAC
| Torsten Liesk / Peter's Aircraft / QPAC
| http://xplane.qpac.de and http://www.petersaircraft.com
| http://xplane.qpac.de and http://www.petersaircraft.com
| ATS/*
| A.T.S. Aircraft Training Solutions 
| http://ats-simulations.com
| bgood/*
| bgood/*
Line 221: Line 225:
| http://www.aerovr.com/
| http://www.aerovr.com/
| aerosim/*  
| aerosim.*  
| Aerosim Gaming  
| Aerosim Gaming  
| http://aerosimgaming.com/
| http://aerosimgaming.com/
| afm/*
| afm.*
| Advanced Flight Modeling   
| Advanced Flight Modeling   
| http://www.afmsimulation.com
| http://www.afmsimulation.com
| ATS.*
| Aircraft Training Solutions 
| http://ats-simulations.com
| balarin_consulting.*
| balarin_consulting.*

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This page contains public signature information about plugins - see the bottom of the page to add your own plugins.

Plugin DataRef/Custom Command Prefixes

Please register your plugin dataref prefixes here. Please register only enough info to reserve your namespace. Please include a link if you wish to publicly document your datarefs.

Prefix Organization URL
aerovr/* AeroVR http://aerovr.com/
aerosim/* Aerosim Gaming http://aerosimgaming.com/
afm/* Advanced Flight Modeling http://www.afmsimulation.com
AirbusFBW/* Torsten Liesk / Peter's Aircraft / QPAC http://xplane.qpac.de and http://www.petersaircraft.com
ATS/* A.T.S. Aircraft Training Solutions http://ats-simulations.com
bgood/* William Good
BlueSideUpBob/* Bob Feaver http://www.RogerThat.ca/
BSUB/* Bob Feaver http://www.RogerThat.ca
CenterLine/* CenterLine
cjs/* Classic Jet Simulations
CMND=* Command access for objects inside X-Plane Read PluginsAndObjects for more info
CRJ/* Canadair Regional Jet by JRollon planes and Philipp Muenzel http://www.jrollon.com
DCS/* DenCorSimulations
dendra.net/* Dendra Aircraft Corporation http://x-plane.dendra.net/
DHAircraft/* DH Aircraft http://www.dh-aircraft.co.uk
digital/* Digital-Avionics http://www.digital-avionics.com
garmin/* Garmin International http://www.garmin.com/
goodway/* GoodWay Team http://www.xpgoodwayteam.org/
goodwayteam/* GoodWay Team http://www.xpgoodwayteam.org/
jgx/* JGX Designs http://www.jgx-designs.com/
laminar/* Plugins by Laminar Research http://www.x-plane.com/
marginal.org.uk/* Jonathan Harris http://marginal.org.uk/x-planescenery/
missionx/* Mission-X Plugin, By Saar N [Snagar.Dev http://www.snagar.org]
mvt/* Marinvent Corporation
paploo/* Jeff Reinecke http://www.paploo.net/games/x-plane.shtml
PAS/* Peter Slodowy
PFC/* Precision Flight Controls
plugins/com/flightpanels/scs/* Simulator Communication System
RealityXP/* Reality XP http://www.reality-xp.com/
Rotate/* Rotate
RXP/* Reality XP http://www.reality-xp.com/
sandybarbour/* Sandy Barbour
sim/* Laminar Research for X-Plane http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xpsdk/docs/DataRefs.html
snailware/* snailpup
STMA/* Shade Tree Micro Aviation http://www.ShadeTreeMicro.com/
T2N/* Nathan Martin http://t2n.org
TEKWorx/* TEKWorx Limited http://www.tekworx.com or http://www.tekworx.ca
twinprop/* twinpropflyer
UFMC/* UFMC and x737FMC project by Javier Cortés http://ufmc.eadt.eu/Universal_FMC/
x737/* x737 project by Benedikt Stratmann http://x-plane.benedikt-stratmann.de/
XPBR/* X-Plane Brazil http://xpbrasil . co . cc
xpfw/* X-Plane Freeware Project
xpj/* XP Jets http://www.xpjets.com
xpluginsdk/* Sandy Barbour
xscenery/* X-Scenery.com
xsim/* eXtended SIMulation by Captain Spaulding
xsquawkbox/* XSquawkBox http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xsb/developer.php
xsp/* X-Space

Top-level plugin signatures

Please register the first component of your plugins signatures. All plugins should have unique signatures! Optionally include a link to info about the plugins.

Prefix Organization URL
aerovr.* AeroVR http://www.aerovr.com/
aerosim.* Aerosim Gaming http://aerosimgaming.com/
afm.* Advanced Flight Modeling http://www.afmsimulation.com
ATS.* Aircraft Training Solutions http://ats-simulations.com
balarin_consulting.* plugins by Louis Balarin
bgood.* William Good
BlueSideUpBob.* Bob Feaver http://www.RogerThat.ca/
BSUB.* Bob Feaver http://www.RogerThat.ca/
bs.* plugins by Benedikt Stratmann
Carsten.Lynker.* Carsten Lynker
cartenav.* CarteNav Solutions
CenterLine.* CenterLine
classicjetsims.* Classic Jet Simulations
com.flightpanels.* Flightpanels.com Simulator Commincation System and others
CourtlandCode.* Courtland Logistics http://www.courtlandlogistics.com/
dad.* plugins and scripts by paul b jones
dendra.* Dendra Aircraft Corporation http://x-plane.dendra.net/
DHAircraft.* DH Aircraft http://www.dh-aircraft.co.uk
digital.* Digital Avionics http://www.digital-avionics.com
eadt.* plugins by the EADT http://www.eadt.eu/
garmin.* Garmin International http://www.garmin.com/
goodway.* plugins by the GoodWay Team http://www.xpgoodwayteam.org/
goodwayteam.* plugins by the GoodWay Team http://www.xpgoodwayteam.org/
ivao.* IVAO network clients including X-Ivap
jgx.* JGX Designs http://www.jgx-designs.com/
jlcs.* Plugins by Jozsa
laminar.* Reserved by Laminar Research
Marginal.* Jonathan Harris http://marginal.org.uk/x-planescenery/
mvt.* Marinvent Corporation
paploo.* Jeff Reinecke http://www.paploo.net/games/x-plane.shtml
PAS.* Peter Slodowy
PFC.* Precision Flight Controls
QPAC.* Torsten Liesk / Peter's aircraft / QPAC http://xplane.qpac.de and http://www.petersaircraft.com
raven.* Raven's Point Consulting http://ravenspoint.com
RXP.* Reality XP http://www.reality-xp.com/
Rotate.* Rotate
sandybarbour.* Sandy Barbour
snagar.* Saar N http://www.snagar.org
snailware.* snailpup
STMA.* Shade Tree Micro Aviation http://www.ShadeTreeMicro.com/
T2N.* plugins by Nathan Martin http://t2n.org
TEKWorx.* TEKWorx Limited http://www.tekworx.com or http://www.tekworx.ca
twinprop.* twinpropflyer
vatsim.* VATSIM.net X-Plane clients http://www.xsquawkbox.net/
xsag.* plugins by Black Phoenix http://brain.wireos.com/
xscenery.* plugins by Tom Kyler http://www.x-scenery.com/
xsim.* eXtended SIMulation by Captain Spaulding
xpbr.* X-Plane Brazil plugins http://xpbrasil . co . cc
xpjets.* XP Jets http://www.xpjets.com
xpfw.* plugins by the X-Plane Freeware Project http://www.xplanefreeware.net/
xplanesdk.* Test code and samples from the SDK Library
xplm.* Internal test plugins for SDK development
xpluginsdk.* Sandy Barbour
xpluipc.* IOCP plugin for TCP/IP comunication
xpsdk.* Test code and samples from the SDK Library
xpsharky.* Plugins for filemapping communication and object movement
zappadoc.* X-Plane plugins for motion platform http://www.zappadoc.com

Adding Your Own Plugins

It is important that plugins not overlap their signature or datarefs. Please pick a prefix for your signature and datarefs that is likely to be unique to you, for example, a full company name or a full name. Generic or common prefixes should not be used. Prefixes are allocated on first-published basis.

Once a prefix is allocated, please do not use case-wise variants. For example, please do not use vAtSIM since vatsim is taken.

If you would like to add a plugin within a domain, please, contact the author of the plugin already using the domain.

Read more about registering plugins here.