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The X-Plane SDK web page is a Wiki; it can be edited by multiple users directly from the web.

Quick Start

Most of the X-Plane SDK web page is built from Wiki pages; editable web pages. Simply follow the links to browse the material.

Special Icons: Sometimes a link will be red. This means that there is no web page for the link yet; clicking on the link will add one. For links to standard reference documentation, the link will be red if there is a wiki page with additional notes but no user commentary.

You do not need a user account to browse this site. However, if you have one you can watch pages and the site will inform you of changes since your last visit.


There many users of the X-Plane SDK, but only two developers originating the SDK part time. The result is a mismatch that can result in poor, inadequate, or entirely missing documentation.

The goal of this Wiki is to allow anyone in the plugin developer community to participate in the documentation process. Jump in! We want you to change this text.

  • See something wrong, a typo, erroneous or old information, or an incorrect concept? Fix it!
  • Mark something as incorrect or ask for a clarification right on the page; someone else may be able to answer your question.
  • When you learn something you did not understand before, create a new page to share this information.
  • Post sample code or useful links.

Because we use a modified version of off-the-shelf Wiki software, our site has in the past been a target for spam. For this reason, you must sign up and get a username/password before you can make changes. The Wiki pages are backed up daily to protect from an attack.

Editing Pages

You can add or edit pages on this site if you have a user account. Once logged in, simply click the 'Edit Text' button to edit the page's source.

Wiki pages do not use regular HTML; instead they use various Wiki short hand for formatting. See Help:Editing for the detailed set of rules.

The web site engine automatically makes links for all WikiWords (words with capitalization as shown), as well as any links that are hand-specified, and all X-Plane SDK code symbols.

A page may be locked - in this case you will not be able to edit it.

You can watch a page by clicking the 'watch' button while logged in (or 'don't watch' to end a watch). When you are watching a page, you will receive an email notification if another user edits it.

Using Wiki

  • The Help link provides some documentation.
  • Use the SandBox page to experiment with Wiki pages.

Site Details

Here are some more advanced links regarding site infrastructure:

This site is based off mediaWiki with a custom plugin.