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The XPMCreateWindow_t structure defines all of the parameters used to create a window using XPLMCreateWindowEx. The structure will be expanded in future SDK APIs to include more features. Always set the structSize member to the size of your struct in bytes!
typedef struct {
     int                       structSize;
     int                       left;
     int                       top;
     int                       right;
     int                       bottom;
     int                       visible;
     XPLMDrawWindow_f          drawWindowFunc;
     XPLMHandleMouseClick_f    handleMouseClickFunc;
     XPLMHandleKey_f           handleKeyFunc;
     XPLMHandleCursor_f        handleCursorFunc;
     XPLMHandleMouseWheel_f    handleMouseWheelFunc;
     void *                    refcon;
} XPLMCreateWindow_t;