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XPLM_API void                 XPLMLocalToWorld(
                                   double               inX,    
                                   double               inY,    
                                   double               inZ,    
                                   double *             outLatitude,    
                                   double *             outLongitude,    
                                   double *             outAltitude);    

This routine translates a local coordinate triplet back into latitude, longitude, and altitude. Latitude and longitude are in decimal degrees, and altitude is in meters MSL (mean sea level). The XYZ coordinates are in meters in the local OpenGL coordinate system.

NOTE: world coordinates are less precise than local coordinates; you should try to avoid round tripping from local to world and back.

The altitude for XPLMWorldToLocal is meters MSL (mean sea level). The XYZ coordinates are all in meters in "OpenGL" coordinates - see MovingThePlane for more info.