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The XPLM 2.0 API allows plugins to query and enable SDK "features". These features alter the behavior of the SDK. The intention is to allow plugins to opt in to additional capabilities. See the XPLMPlugin API and XPLMEnableFeature for more information.

This key enables draw callbacks to your plugin during the reflection calculation phase of X-Plane's drawing. Normally, X-Plane will only call your plugin when drawing the main view. However when this feature is present and set to 1, X-Plane will call your plugin multiple times, for both the reflections and regular drawing. This feature key is available in X-Plane 2.0.
This key changes X-Plane's behavior - when it is off (by default) the SDK uses the legacy OS paths - DOS paths on Windows, and HFS paths on Mac. When this capability is set, the entire SDK runs with Unix paths and dir separators.